With each litter we choose the best overall female puppy to co-own with a family. We do this to have the option of breeding her in the future without restricting the individual puppy's well being. I do not believe in keeping large numbers of dogs out in kennels for the sole purpose of breeding. Co-owning works in favor of the puppy first of all and has some benifits for both myself and the family that buys her. 

How it works

The dog that is co-owned will typically be bought by a family as a puppy and raised in their home without much to do with me. The family will raise the dog as their own and take care of all regular day to day expense's. The puppy is not to be spayed. When she comes into heat she can stay with me, usually this is a 3 week process every 6 months beginning around 1 year of age. When she is close to 2 years I will take her for her eye and heart clearances provided she is turning out nice enough to breed. At or after 2 years of age I will get her hips and elbow clearances done. If she passes these we will then plan to breed her twice. The timing of breeding varies but is usually on her first and second heat after her clearances. I pay for all expenses having to do with breeding. While the dog is pregnant she stays with her family but comes to me one week prior to whelping and stays until pups are weaned which is around 7 weeks. With each of the two* litters the family gets half their purchase price back. The option of boarding, grooming and training are available to all co owned dogs at a discounted rate. After the litters the dog will be spayed and the co-ownership is done.


*on occasion I plan 3 litters but that would be clarified ahead of time

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